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Even though sfGuardPlugin is a great ACL plug-in; it unfortunately cannot handle Row Level Access. In most of my personal projects I require such a level of control and the solutions chosen always feel a bit ..hackish..

For those of you who do not know what Row Level Access is:
Usually you grant access to a part of your application based on User permissions, for example a module ‘Customer’. But what happens if you want to grant a particular User view rights on just one, or a few, of the customers listed in that table? That is where Row Level Access comes into play.

It would seem that CakePHP has some out of the box solutions (or at least, easily applied) but I have not yet come upon one for symfony. For your and my own reference is here a URL about a Row Level Access article with Cake:

I’d love to create a plug-in for this but I am somewhat limited on time ( I have more projects currently than I can finish in a reasonable amount of time) so I was hoping that maybe someone out there knows a plug-in which offers this functionality?

If you happen to read this post and know of one, please comment on this post where it is! Thanks!

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