DocBlox is unmasked … it is really phpDocumentor 2!

Announcing phpDocumentor 2 — the merging of the old (phpDocumentor) and the new (DocBlox).

With the first alpha release of phpDocumentor (2.0.0a1), the new “Responsive” default template sports a new page layout, along with the useful layout improvements that the original DocBlox templates provided (which remain available) over the old phpDocumentor templates (which will retire with old phpDocumentor). Explore this new template at

*But what will this mean for DocBlox and phpDocumentor users?*

Old phpDocumentor is retiring.  Some bugfix effort may continue into bringing phpDocumentor 1.x to a close, but most effort going forward will be spent on 2.x.  On that 2.x effort, you can expect monthly releases as 2.0.0 stabilizes, followed by monthly releases for new features and bug maintenance.

Existing DocBlox resources will be rebranded rather than removed, so that existing contributors can “come along for the ride” without much effort.

Let us know what you think, at #phpdocumentor on Freenode and @phpDocumentor on Twitter.

Mike van Riel (@mvriel) and Chuck Burgess (@ashnazg)

is given a life anew
by DocBlox and you.