Spam has left the building … finally

I have done it, on the 29th of November I finally activated Akismet and begun cleaning up spam which was still remaining on my blog.

Today, I took the time and the liberty to remove the last spam comments AND write a new (perhaps for some quite uninteresting) blog post. When I started my blog I did not expect to be carpet bombed by this much spam but alas, even I had to undergo this torment. Due to the fact I found myself not interesting enough (yet?) to be spammed did I not bother to activate Akismet and forgot about it.
When spam issues arrived I tried several non-interesting and absolutely useless options until MissYeh reminded me off Akismet. I still owe her..

Should anyone be reading this who is thinking about starting his own (WordPress) blog: install Akismet from day 1. It will save you a lot of headache and it will in the end save you a lot of time fixing your blog.

Again a big warm thanks to MissYeh for helping me remember Akismet and thank you to the creators of Akismet for doing such a fine job.

Until next time!