I am coaching at WeCamp

For those of you who do not know WeCamp, it is a camp event where we work in teams of at most 5 people with a coach to create awesome projects in just under a week’s time. What’s so special about WeCamp is that it is held on its own private Island at the Veluwemeer and the focus is on how to be that developer that you would want to be.

There is no need to bring your own camping gear for WeCamp. There are Tipi tents available that include real beds. So no need to lie on the ground in your own tent, everything is arranged for you.

I am looking forward to keeping an eye out on your personal progress and identify areas where you can focus on to become that better programmer. And a month after the event is over; I will talk with you again and see how that which you have learned during your stay at WeCamp has helped you in your day-to-day job. This also provides the opportunity for me to answer questions that have come up in the mean time.

What I plan to add to the event is to be a guide, coach and mentor for a team and help them from the very beginning, setting up a project, to the very end: performing a presentation of their project.

I would really like to see you there. Why? Because I believe that this is going to be a unique experience where you can truly grow and excel in your work. And where your employer gets to benefit from everything that you have learned during your stay.

But aside from the learning experience this will also be an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know eachother in an environment where there is plenty of room to relax. At WeCamp there is the option to go sailing, swimming, canoeing and other activities are planned!

Want to know more about WeCamp? Check the website at http://weca.mp or follow them on Twitter using the twitter handle @wecamp14. Still need to convince your employer? There is an app a page for that! Just ask him to read this page where we explain in detail what your visit to WeCamp will give your employer in return. I believe it is worth it.

See you at WeCamp!