A new design!

It was long overdue but I have finally managed to finish the new design for the Naenius.com website. My intention is to use this design in all subparts of this website, as well as the new parts I am concocting in my brain.

With the implementation I did notice a few artifacts. For one, I did not implement a comments form. Actually I already knew about this but I was fed up with the old design and thus I decided to launch ‘prematurely’.
Aside from the above I noticed that the sidebar could use some additional styling. All bullets went missing in the design and this is not really my intent (specifically with the categories widget).

Aside from the things I mentioned above it has been a good launch! Now it is time to test this bird in Internet Explorer and hope all goes well 😉

If you would like to comment on this design, either wait until I have added the comments form or send me an e-mail!