Changed theming to use Crossbrand

I have not blogged in a while due to personal circumstances, like having started on a new job which keeps intensifying, but also because I was unsatisfied with the way my sites handle templating.

Let me explain, I have a shared webhosting account and run multiple domains and subdomains. Some (actually most) of them require the same theme but have different theming mechanisms.

What I needed was a cross-(sub)domain branding solution!

Having looked around on the internet and coming to the conclusion there are none out of the box, I decided to build one myself.
Now, a month later (don’t have much spare time and more hobbies and interests ;)) I can say, I am almost done!

This blog is now officially running on Crossbrand. I will release it to the community once I have ironed out the last glitches and finished documentation.

Check back regularly if you are interested!