My current affairs

Teaser of the new design

I have neglected some of my contacts and social places. Although I would like to blaim my busy life for it, it is also a matter of just not making time for it.

So to entertain myself and others, I can share that one of the things I am working on is a redesign of my ‘brand’ and website.
The logo was renewed during the last redesign and I will continue to use that. The things that needed improvement (IMHO) was that the colors could be lighter, causing a less depressing feeling and an additional reason was that I was in the mood for some graphical tinkering.

An additional benefit is that I am taking into account the twitter posts on my blog and make them less visible. Thus making actual posts more visible and dominant.

Unfortunately I have much to do and far too little time to get anything done (or so it seems these days). So all I can say is that it is underway but when it will exactly launch.. I do not know yet..