My first talk

I knew it when the hype begun.. I tried to postpone what I knew would be inevitable.. Alas, I could not resist or stay behind anymore.. I needed.. a blog

From the moment blogging became popular, I thought that what I had to say was not important enough. At least not in my opinion. Time has gone by and I have come to see that I might have something valuable to say or at least to write. Though I could be mistaken, it is becoming wise to at least save my findings for my own benefit or of those around me.

My main passions in life are Development and Tabletop RPGs, one can expect most blog postings to be about this. Although I have the flaw of losing interest in posting on a blog or forum after some time I do intend to keep up this blog since it is also for my own sake.

Should you agree or disagree with anything I say, just leave a comment (no trolling please, this will be ignored and perhaps even removed). It will be read.