Updated the design of this blog

After less than 2 years I have finished my new WordPress template for this blog. The previous theme was clunky and lacked many of the features that WordPress has to offer. I hope to address these issues and enhance this site even more.
To be honest: the graphic design was finished about a year ago but the conversion process took quite some time (life got in the way multiple times).

The theme is based on the previous but features some enhancements which the previous plainly lacked:

  • Search! (this was entirely missing from the previous theme, which was kind of ‘doh’)
  • Improved commenting
  • More detailed contact information on the front page
  • Better paging
  • Actually using the (more) breaks
  • Fixed width to ensure a consistent experience and reduce the number of artifacts

I hope that this will give me some more incentive to blog some more and document some of the things I have picked up here.
Please leave a comment whether you like the (new) design and/or what you find missing or non-intuitive!

Until next time!