A new design!

It was long overdue but I have finally managed to finish the new design for the Naenius.com website. My intention is to use this design in all subparts of this website, as well as the new parts I am c... Read More

My current affairs

I have neglected some of my contacts and social places. Although I would like to blaim my busy life for it, it is also a matter of just not making time for it. So to entertain myself and others, I can... Read More

Spam part II

For some reason I seem to have become popular with the spam bots. Not quite the crowd I was hoping for 🙂 It is not possible for me to keep deleting all spam until I have time to implement anti-spam... Read More

My first talk

I knew it when the hype begun.. I tried to postpone what I knew would be inevitable.. Alas, I could not resist or stay behind anymore.. I needed.. a blog From the moment blogging became popular, I tho... Read More